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Designing Your Corona Window Coverings

Interested in new  Window Coverings for your Corona home?

Let’s start the conversation at square one.  Did you just buy this beautiful new house and have no window coverings at all?  That is pretty common, since Realtors generally remove blinds and shades because they are old or have broken parts.  You haven’t moved in yet and are painting and putting in new flooring, right?

So first problem is you are not sure where the morning sun is coming in?  Sure it is from the East, but how disturbing could it be the bedrooms?  And how are the West facing family room windows when the Corona Summer is kicking in.  A lot of heat will be on those windows.  And finally, your new floor color is still undecided ….. how can you choose a color for the blinds.

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These are the issues to start with.  And now what products are going to make my house beautiful?  You had blinds before, but they are not what you want this time.  Are you considering shutters.  How will they best be installed, and what shutter issues might come up.



Is there a formal living room you want to make spectacular?  Maybe a full window treatment with Drapery Side panels, Roman Shades and a Top Treatment.


What should you do for the Bedrooms?  Want to make it a Room Darkening Shade?  And that Patio Door?  Is there a shade for a vertical application?


Villa Blind and Shutter’s Designers have had this conversation with homeowners just like you for almost twenty years.  Let us help you to design the perfect Window Treatments.

Corona Window Treatments

Corona Window Treatments

Shutters Allow for Great Light Control

Corona Window Treatments are available from Villa Blind and Shutter.  Window Treatments by definition refer to window covering that decorate a window.  So I guess we also want to talk about Function.  Window coverings serve both purposes at the same time.  Issues with unhappy customers come from designs that only concern how great they look, how decorative they are on your windows. and forget to achieve the required function.

I made this mistake many times in designing windows.  I helped my client get the look they asked for, but found out later the East facing windows in the morning let too much light shine through.   So you need to have the talk with your designer about your goals.  Discuss the sun’s direction on the window, how much light or  heat block is needed.  How much VIEW you want to your outside.  Should you Split the Tilt Bar on your Shutter Louvers, to close the bottom set for privacy.  If they aren’t using the Bold words above, then your designer’s messing up!

Corona Window Treatments

Here at Villa Blind and Shutter we talk about the beauty of Design, use of color, shape, texture.  And we talk about Function.

Corona Shutters   image09ShuttersPainted0724ShuttersPainted25MadeInAmericaStainedShutters

Window Covering

This Window Covering gallery, in the form of a fun video, is designed to showcase window treatments for your imagination.  Please check out this entertaining  Video, a Window Covering Gallery with great music by the Manhattan Brass Quintet!window covering


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Free Consultation  When you consult with a Villa Designer, you will receive years of experience in the window covering industry.  Our designers attend the annual WCCI convention in Las Vegas where they learn the latest trends, see new product developed and hear speakers on the window treatment industry.

Installation    Our installers are certified Master Installers by HunterDouglas.  They attend training classes at the Colorado and Arizona headquarters of HunterDouglas whrre they work hands on with experts in the field measuring and installing shutters and window treatments.  Choosing the best frames for many situations.

The bottom line is Villa is staffed with professionals in their field.  From the Designers to the Installers to the customer service people.  Plus they are super friendly and enjoy helping you with your project.

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