Yorba Linda Shutters

We installed shutters in Yorba Linda recently and we made this video to be able to share some ideas for various panel configuration.  This video shows the use of a four-panel shutter which is very effective on windows from 72 to 96 inches in width.  However, those 72-inch width windows might be better served with a two-panel, and the reason is this: in a two-panel setup, you eliminate the 4 inches of stiles running down the middle of the 3-foot wide window.

Let me put it this way — if you’re the type of people that when you get up in the morning the first thing you want to do is open the shutter panels and fold them back to the wall, then you might want to consider a four-panel.   However, if you’re the type of family that prefers just to open the louvers for light control, then a two-panel is a better panel configuration for you.  Just some food for thought.  Please enjoy our job of the week videos!


At Villa Blind and Shutter we try to give you all the information to help you design a perfect shutter project that’s right for you.

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