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Spring Shutter Sale, Video Install of the Month

Greetings from Villa Blinds.
As part of our Spring Shutter Sale Event, we want to share one of our Job of the Month Installation Videos.

Spring Shutter Sale

Villa is offering our popular Spring Sale; A BUY 3 Shutters and GET ONE FREE
Of course we offer Free in-home Shutter Consultations and Estimates.  Next day appointments are available as well.  And if you want a quote over the phone, we can do that for you as well.

As you start to shop and learn all about shutters you will soon realize shutters are made of two or three materials, vary greatly in quality and are produced for our market both in the U.S and abroad.  These differences will produce a wide range of price quotes, which will make your decision on buying shutters a bit more difficult.

Villa Designers have the experience to recommend the right shutter and design that fits your home and your choices along the way.  We call this a shutter design process.

  • Primarily you will choose between Basswood and Hybrid materials.
  • Frames to best fit your window openings.
  • Standard or Hidden Tilt controls.
  • American or Chinese Made.
  • Whites or Stains

Spring shutter sale

Summer Shutter Sale


Villa Blind and Shutter is offering their Premium Wood Shutters for only $16.50 per Square Foot.

Shutter Sale Includes

  •  Free Temporary Blinds.
  • Free Final Measrure
  • Installation Discounts
  • Choice from 5 Frames and Standard Tilt Bar
  • Free Design Consultation

          Holiday shutter sale

At Villa Blind and Shutter, shutters are our specialty.  After more than a decade in business we have learned a lot about shutters because we have installed more shutters than any other dealer in our area.  And we have learned from our mistakes.  We now have very few jobs getting installed that are not perfect.  The few that do have issues are always corrected as soon as possible, sometimes in a few days.

Our wood shutters come from overseas where the paint finishes are polyurethane, which protects the paint from fading or pealing.

Our top selling frame is the Z Crown,  it is beautiful and because it is mounted as an inside mount, it looks flush in your window opening.  We have many frames to choose from and always walk you through your many choices as part of our Shutter Design Process.

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Basswood Shutters by Villa

Basswood Shutters by Onyx are beautiful and elegant. All natural woods show beautiful grain, have fantastic staining properties, and high resistance to warping.

Basswood Shutters portray a solid barrier and offer great privacy. Many different colors are available to match any style of home or office. Lightweight woods also boast superb strength and provide a long-lasting, affordable solution for natural window coverings. Help from our Designers

Villa’s Premium Wood Shutter   Onyx offers multiple choices of frames, paints and stains and a full line of specialty shapes, including arches and sunbursts. The quality is unsurpassed including these many features:

The Villa Basswood Shutter by Onyx

Shutters samples

Four Panel called LLRR

Shutters sample

Panels Open

Shutters samples

Arch Top

Shutters samples

Bi-Pass Track

basswood shutters        Shutters samples


Basswood shutters

Specialty Shapes


Basswood Shutter Features

tension adjustment screw in every shutter panel ensures that, whether the shutter is brand new or decades old, it will never become too tight or too loose to operate properly. By the slight turn of a screw inside the stile, the louver tension is either increased and decreased

Stainless steel staples are resistant to both corrosion and temperature changes.  One of the most tiresome experiences of a shutter owner is staple failure. We use extra-long stainless steel staples in the louvers and tilt-rod to ensure that they do not pull out.

Hidden, recessed magnets allow our shutter panels to close tightly while also providing a clean and streamlined appearance.

Mortise and tenon joints are designed for maximum strength, to withstand shear and racking stress and to ensure safety and reliability.  Typical shutters, like those sold at big-box home improvement retailers, are joined together by glued dowels or screw joints which eventually work themselves loose and/or fall apart.  Our shutters are built differently, using special joinery for superior strength and simplicity.

Mortised hinges are important to achieve a tight fit within your window opening. Without a mortised panel, a gap appears on the hanging side that allows light to break between the panel and selected frame.  Our hinges have at least 5 knuckle joints for better load distribution and smoother, quieter action. Pivot hinges have firmly riveted joint pins.  We select materials that are sufficiently heavy to prevent sagging and are resistant to moisture.

Multi-layer, hand-sanded polyurethane finish with high-quality stain or paint provides hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water-resistance and color retention.

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Summer Shutter Sale by Villa

Summer shutter sale by Villa is a great opportunity to buy shutters and beat the heat.

As residents of Corona, my wife and I are all to familiar with how hot it gets in our lovely city.  As window covering experts, we have all the best heat blocking products available.  We have of course our beautiful Onyx Wood Plantation Shutters.  They really block out the Sun and keep our house cool.  Our master Bedroom faces west and the upstairs doesn’t get hot like it used to.

Summer shutter sale

We also have Norman Solar Shades on our Patio Door (pictured below).  These solar screens block heat transfer into our home, are quite good looking and allow us to view thru to our backyard garden and to keep an eye on our dog Bailey


Our Green River Business Network allows us to offer you Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows and Doors.  These beautiful windows, combined with shutters and solar screens, maximize our house’s energy efficiency.  The windows have LoE3, which stands for Low Emmisivity,   This is a glazing on your glass that blocks heat transfer.  And Argon Gas assures a barrier to the outside temperature.

Our Network also sells and installs Solar Panels.  Our house has 14 panels which create enough electricity to totally eliminate our SCE bill.  We took advantage of the 30 % Tax Credit.   Last April the final $4500 we owed in taxes, instead went to the cost of the panels, not the Feds!  Our credit union loan is the approximate payment of our SCE bill.  In seven years we will own our system and have no solar bill and no SCE bill for the rest of our lives, how about that?

Summer Shutter Sale

Getting back to our summer shutter sale.  We are offering starting July 1st our Onyx Premium Plantation Shutters for only $16.50 per Square Foot.   And installation is  for only $2.00 SQ FT, not $3.50- $6.00 which is very common in Orange County.  This a great deal!  And we are offering FREE TEMPORARY SHADES, these will hold you over while you are waing for you New Shutters.

Make an appointment today and let’s get started converting your home into an energy efficient home.  You will save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Thank You.

Drew Lowery,   Cell  951-833-3577

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Wood or Hybrid Shutters?

Wood or Hybrid shutters?   That is a common question asked by homeowners in the market for Plantation shutters.

So let’s analyze the pros and cons here.  Wood has been used for hundreds of years and over the years the quality developed into a very  high quality product, was well respected for it’s beauty and was the creation of fine craftsmen.  It reached a peak in costs around 1950’s and was a very expensive window covering for homeowners with discerning tastes and fat wallets.

But I digress from my goal in helping my readers decide which material to use for their home in today’s market.

Alternative materials have been developed to replace wood in many  products including windows, flooring, decks, and  fences to just name a few.    Vinyl windows have become so energy efficient that you almost do not see wood windows at all anymore.  And flooring has done the same with laminates and tile that look so much like a wood floor you can’t tell the difference.  But shutters are neither an outdoor product like windows, nor a walked on product like a floor.

Wood shutters today  are still beautiful, natural and add value to your home.  The paint finish should be able to withstand fading, chipping and pealing .  To get this type of protection the paint should  have an polyurethane finish, which is like an oil based paint, not a water based paint.

Wood Shutters


wood shutterswood shutterswood shutters

Wood is also the best choice  when you have either a 3 ft wide or 6′ wide window.  I recommend using a single panel for the 3 ft wide window , because the two panel has a vertical side of each panel  in the middle of your small window and blocks a lot of  view through.  The same for the 6′ wide window, do it with 2 panels, not 4 for the same reason.

The Hybrid shutters were developed for many reasons and have their place in today’s market as a very good alternative to wood shutters.  These hybrids are made of hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, composite materials that blend vinyl and wood, and the true hybrid shutters that are constructed with a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state – for incredible density and strength. Made from the wood of rapid-growth trees, these shutters enable tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate.

In addition, Woodlore’s UV inhibitors do not release any volatile organic compound and protects against color fading and yellowing. Our patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Woodlore is the natural choice of shutter for your windows.

  • Better consistency and durability than a regular wood shutter
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles provide an intense level of durability and structural integrity
  • Stainless steel staples resist corrosion and withstand extreme heat
  • Better than vinyl and PVC shutters and can withstand even the highest desert temperatures
  • Patented polypropylene coating makes its surface extremely durable and robust




Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation window shutters are Villa’s specialty. We are Southern California’s number one shutter dealer and installer for nearly 20 years and are committed to the continual pursuit of excellence in design, manufacturing, service, and innovation. A staff with extensive experience in shutter production, field installation, customer service, and project management equips Villa to continue growing for the next twenty years and beyond. Villa is standing by to provide you with the very best in shutters, blinds and shades. Contact Us Today.
Plantation Window Shutters

As you start to shop and learn all about shutters you will soon realize shutters are made of two or three materials, vary greatly in quality and are produced for our market both in the U.S and abroad. These differences will produce a wide range of price quotes, which will make your decision on buying shutters a bit more difficult.

Villa Designers have the experience to recommend the right shutter and design that fits your home and your choices along the way. We call this a shutter design process.

  • Primarily you will choose between Basswood and Hybrid materials.
  • Frames to best fit your window openings.
  • Standard or Hidden Tilt controls.
  • American or Chinese Made.
  • Whites or Stains

Plantation Window Shutters

plantation window shutters

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Riverside Shutter Design


Riverside Shutter design featured job of the month for Villa.  This week we installed 34 shutters for Raymond and his wife in their brand new home in Riverside.  They have the same size window throughout the house.  For a 35″by 58″ windows ( Picture 1 and 2)  we recommend the use of a single panel with split hidden tilt.

Picture 3 shows use of Divider Rail, which is recommended on Single Hung Windows.  In Picture 4 we show a Bi-Pass Shutter used for Patio Doors, here we recommend getting the Bi-pass open system to allow you to open the louvers even if one side is slid over the other.




In Picture 5 and 6 we show you two choices for 8 ft wide windows.  I often recommend the design in #5, it shows the use of a T Post, which allow the inside panels to open individually.  The other choice (Picture 6) is to hinge two panels together and  open together to the left, and two to the right, called a LLRR.

Villa offers Free in home estimates, but more importantly  we off our experience in shutter design.  So learn the tips from the pros.  We have great pricing, service and customer satisfaction.  We guarantee it!

Riverside Shutter Design


Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters are the perfect window covering!  Let’s examine why that is true.

Best for Light Control.  Many shades offer black out option, but you need a dual shade to give you both room darkening and light filtering.  With shutters you have both because you can block out the bright morning light quite well with a shutter, yet crack the louvers a little bit, and you  have the desired light you might want.  We offer Split Controls.image

Best View Thru  With shutters when you  have the louvers  open there is  three to four  inches between them for a great view to your outside.  Most horizontal blinds are offered in 2 1/2 inch slat sizes.  (Century does offer a three inch)

Interior Window shutters offer excellent Views

Best for Temperature Control  My friend up in Sacramento complained about his ineffective dual pane window of being drafty in the winter.  We put shutters on them and they locked out the cold air around his windows.  The same is true of course for summer heat, shutters are great for blocking out the sun’s heat, especially when facing West in the afternoons here in Corona

.Interior Window Shutters

Best Energy Efficiency  Yes, shutters will cut your electricity bills every month.  Your house will stay cooler in the summer and take the strain off you Air Conditioner.

Best Investment  Shutters are attached to your house.  For that reason Realtors leave them on your windows and consider them as an added feature to the house value.  I recently was told by a client who just sold her house that the new buyers said they LOVED her shutters.  Nice to hear.

Best Interior Looks  Shutters look great, offer a timeless classical look.  Shutters are often called the ultimate window coverings


Most Custom Design Choices  Shutters from Villa Blind and Shutter are designed to your exact preferences.  Our designers explain all of your choices to help you get the right frames and panel configurations  for your windows.  See this LTLRTR design below.


Villa Blind and Shutter is your choice for great shutters!  We offer Free In-Home Estimates and Design consultation.  For further information please call today.

OFFICE  951-847-7708

Villa December Shutter Sales Event and Offerings

Villa offerings includes FREE TEMPORARY SHADES!


FREE In_Home Design Consultation



White Plantation Shutters for $16.50 SQ.Ft.


Free Measure, Free Design, Free Shipping


Professional Expert Shutter Installation only $1.50 Sq Ft

December Event expires December 31, 2016  Must Contract in December for promotional  offerings.  Call today for your Free In Home Quote at           951-847-7708


Shutters For New Homes

Shutters for New Homes.  Should I buy from the Home Builder or an Independent Window Covering Company?   Let’s discuss the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons for using Home Builder
  • The only positive thing might be you can put the cost for shutters in your mortgage.
  •  Most builders mark up add on products significantly.
  • Inferior quality is often used,  its called Builder’s Grade.
The Pros and Cons for using Window Covering Company
  • The Cons……Can’t think of anything.  Even if you want to finance it with your mortgage you can still use an Independent Window Covering Company, just get you bid before you close escrow, and add the cost to your loan amount.
  • The Pros are many.  Read More!

At Villa Blind and Shutter we get calls from new homeowners whose new house is still under construction.  We visit the new home, show our shutter or window covering products, and help you choose the best products for your needs and budgets,  It’s this diversity of products that aren’t available when you simply order shutters from the Home Builder.

We have the experience to take everything into account, consider your privacy and light control needs.  There are a great many options when choosing shutters.  Why just let the home builder make everything standard when you might want the split hidden tilt.

Some builders put it very poor quality shutters, when we consult you on shutters we show the high level of our quality samples, so you can rest assured you will receive the best shutters in the market.

Shutters for New Homes


imageimageimageShutters for New Homes

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