Corona Window Treatments

Corona Window Treatments

Shutters Allow for Great Light Control

Corona Window Treatments are available from Villa Blind and Shutter.  Window Treatments by definition refer to window covering that decorate a window.  So I guess we also want to talk about Function.  Window coverings serve both purposes at the same time.  Issues with unhappy customers come from designs that only concern how great they look, how decorative they are on your windows. and forget to achieve the required function.

I made this mistake many times in designing windows.  I helped my client get the look they asked for, but found out later the East facing windows in the morning let too much light shine through.   So you need to have the talk with your designer about your goals.  Discuss the sun’s direction on the window, how much light or  heat block is needed.  How much VIEW you want to your outside.  Should you Split the Tilt Bar on your Shutter Louvers, to close the bottom set for privacy.  If they aren’t using the Bold words above, then your designer’s messing up!

Corona Window Treatments

Here at Villa Blind and Shutter we talk about the beauty of Design, use of color, shape, texture.  And we talk about Function.

Corona Shutters   image09ShuttersPainted0724ShuttersPainted25MadeInAmericaStainedShutters

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