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Learn About Window Covering Pricing by Product Line

No one enjoys finding out at the cash register that the perfect item that you’ve picked out happens to cost way more than you thought. So we’ll use this post to hopefully help you avoid sticker shock when shopping for custom window treatments. With the disclaimer that retail prices vary significantly by market, we’ll categorize each product line and will provide a ballpark price range for each line. For exact pricing, call Villa today.

Economy Class

Aluminum Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Wood Blinds, Verticals

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive custom window coverings, then aluminum blinds are the best choice. Aluminum blinds are great for reducing heat transfer and maximizing privacy, but they aren’t necessarily the most exciting window treatments. For a 36 x 60″ window, aluminum mini-blinds range from approximately $100 – $140 depending on the style and the size of the slat (1″ or 2″).

For customers that may want something a little more stylish, faux wood horizontal blinds offer style and substance at a price that won’t hurt your wallet. Faux wood blinds are intended to look and function exactly like a wood blind, giving you all the perks of a wood blind at the price of a faux wood blind. For a 36 x 60″ window, faux wood horizontal blinds can range from approximately $125 – $195.faux wood blinds

Wood blinds are ideal for use in larger windows, as they are substantially lighter than faux wood blinds. Consequently, wood blinds will be easier to lift and will place less stress on the internal mechanisms. Stained wood blinds also have a little more elegance and character than do faux wood blinds; the natural imperfections that make wood blinds so beautiful are simply impossible to recreate. A 36 x 60″ wood blind will range from $170 – $250.

 Vertical Blinds   round out the economy class. Widely considered the best window covering for sliding glass doors and patio doors, vertical blinds offer great value. A 36 x 60″ vertical blind can cost between $110 – $300.


Business Class

Woven Wood Shades, Cellular Shades, Roller Shades, Transitional Shades

Woven wood shades offer a truly unique, natural look for any home or office. Despite the fact that fabrics are created by hand-weaving bamboos, jutes, rattans, and reeds, woven wood shades come in at a business class price point. A 36 x 60″ woven wood shade ranges from $195 – $340.

Cellular shades are the most energy efficient window coverings.  A properly installed cellular shade can substantially reduce your heating and cooling costs. The savings provided by energy efficient cellular shadews combined with their price tag, make cell shades one of the best value buys. A standard cellular shade for a 36 x 60″ window can cost $190 – $375.

honeycomb cellular shade

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, roller shades are one of the hottest products on the market. Not only are roller shades incredibly popular, they’re also incredibly reasonably priced. For a 36 x 60″ window, a roller shade can cost anywhere from $200 – $350.

On the upper end of the business class are transitional shades – also known as zebra shades. Transitional shades are one of the newer products on the market, and offer a fun, contemporary window covering, with all the functionality of both a roller shade and a horizontal blind. For a 36 x 60″ window, a transitional shade will cost between $325 – $475.


First Class

Shutters, Horizontal Sheers

Custom-made plantation shutters are simply unmatched in terms of beauty and functionality. Like all Skandia products,  shutters are all manufactured proudly in America. Given the labor-intensive nature of shutters, and the cost of American manufacturing, it’s not surprising that plantation shutters come in at a higher price than other products. With a full range of PVC Shutters and natural basswood shutters, and a variety of configuration options, the price can vary substantially. As a safe starting point, a 36 x 60″ shutter will cost approximately $450.

Horizontal Sheers are another product that have a very intricate manufacturing process, and as such, a higher price tag. Additionally, horizontal sheers require more fabric than do comparable products. A horizontal sheer has a back layer of fabric, a front layer of fabric, and s-shaped fabric vanes in between the two layers. The design is what makes horizontal sheers so desirable though. Horizontal sheers offer a refined take on a timeless classic – horizontal blinds. A 36 x 60″ horizontal sheer can range from $700 – $900.

silhouette shade

Hopefully this post helps you to determine what custom window coverings fit best in your budget. We strongly encourage you to CONTACT VILLA  for more pricing information. Again, prices will vary substantially by market.

Villa Blind and Shutter

  • Villa Blind and Shutter Continues to Help Californians take Advantage of Ambient Light

    Decades Old Company is Known for Great Service, Value, and Selection
    Los Angeles, CA

    In the city of Angels, there are plenty of days in the calendar year to get outside and
    enjoy what California has to offer. After a day in the sun frequently Angelenos seek a
    way to beat the heat, be it with a poolside afternoon, a daytime movie, or a shopping trip at the local outlets. But when all of those have been exhausted, enjoy  a day at home, with the proper blinds or shutters in place to keep out the merciless sun. The right blinds or shades can also infuse a home with ample amount of ambient light, a truth which Villa Blind and Shutter knows all too well.
    For the past two decades they have been helping customers in Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles county with their blinds, shades, and shutter needs
     Villa Blind and Shutter has a reputation of excellence, quality, and service, Villa sells
    and installs blinds, shades, and window treatments throughout Southern California.
    They are a certified, licensed, and insured contractor and feature installers who have a reputation for excellence. In addition to free in-home estimates and design
    consultations, Villa guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on every single project.

    Villa’s major vendors they carry include Norman, Exus and Onyx Shutters, Horizon Window Fashions for Roman Shades and Draperies, , Comfortex for Cell Shades and Roller Shades.   “Our Shutter Design Process 101 was created to help customers narrow their decision, and give them all the necessary facts to make an informed decision in their purchase,” expressed Villa owner and founder Drew Lowery. He continued, saying “The process involves showing different materials, frame choices, colors and other options. We do all the measurements free of charge to ensure that our customer is securely in the driver’s seat.”

    For over 20 years, Villa Blind and Shutter has been providing in-home design and
    decorating services to homeowners who appreciate the value of professional design
    expertise for window fashions, shutters, and blinds. Their professional designers bring product samples directly to customers, allowing them to evaluate their options when convenient. Villa employs a team of designers who bring a wealth of decorating expertise to help customers make the best possible design decision for their budget and situation.

    imageBlind8Villa Blind and Shutter

    Their inventory includes a full line of quality products by internationally recognized Name Brands, and they serve all of Orange County, San Bernardino, and Los
    Angeles Counties.


Stained Wood Shutters

Stained wood shutters are this week’s  “Job of the Week”  here at Villa Blind and Shutters.  

These shutters are from Norman Shutters, and are their Normandy Wood Shutters Series.  There are a very large number of stains to choose from.  Cathy felt the match was  pretty close to her kitchen cabinets.  And her daughter wanted a Black color, which turned out pretty nice with her Burnt Red walls.

Job of the Week Photos

Here are a few more Design ideas using Stains and interesting colors from our Photo Gallery.  So consider using stains and colors for your wood plantation shutters.   Read More.

imagestained wood shutters

Stained Wood Shutters


Please give Villa a call today for your In Home Design Consultation at 951-847-7708.


Office Window Coverings


image image image image image


image image image image image image image office window coveringsoffice window coverings

Office window coverings from Villa Blind and Shutter look great and have money saving features as well.  Our Designers have the expertise to guide you and help you choose the perfect products.  Villa has installed shades in large buildings to small restaurants, dentists offices to plush Hotel Lobbies.  We have installed Shutters, Solar Screens, Blinds and Silhoutte Sheers to name a few.  We carry full Licenses and Insurance.

Roller Shades and Solar Shades

Roller Shades are the most popular office window covering, primarily because they allow a view through and block bright light.  Seeing through is important in restaurants where the patrons want to keep an eye on their parked cars.  Big office windows can be easily covered by Rollers whose sizes allow for tall and wide windows.  Rollers swatches are marked with the percent of View  through, for example a 1 percent is almost a solid mesh and a 12 % lets you view through quite easily.  Loft_set1_C_-038 (1)

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal or Vertical Blinds are an affordable choice and offer great light and privacy controls.  The bright sun can easily be controlled for your restaurant or retail storefront.  Office spaces with really large windows often choose Vertical Blinds.

Blind8Office Window Coverings

Window Treatments

Reading_Room_2C-025 (1)

Full Window Treatment

Full Window Treatment

Shutter Design Options

Shutter design is a process.  At Villa Blind and Shutter we call choosing from the many options a Shutter Design Process, because we take you literally through every choice available and offer suggestions for your particular Window opening.  Every house is different.

Choosing the right frame is one of your most important choices.  Today I want to explain the Frame we recommend when you have beautiful window casings on your window, and want the shutter to be inside of those beautiful casings.

The solution is a Hang Strip, as shown below.  See the view from the front photo., looks great.   No frame at all showing.  Many dealers suggest simply hinging  directly to the window jamb and utilizing a light block directly behind the panels.  That works if the window opening is perfectly square.  But using the Hang strips to hinge from offers a better solution because you can make adjustments for those out of square window openings.

imageShutter Design

These Photos are of the Norman Shutters on display at the Showroom in Santa Fe Springs.  You are invited to come to the showroom on appointment only from a Norman Certified Dealer, like Villa Blind and Shutter.

Learn More About Shutter Design

Shutter Design

Shutter Design is a very important part of your shutter experience and overall satisfaction.  Your Designer is responsible for everything from materials, mounting options, panel configurations, color and most importantly the manufacturer of your new shutters.

We know all the shutter companies explain the basics to you.  Louver sizes and how many panels are the first decisions offered to you.  From there many designers just do the same thing over and over, without considerations that you may need to know.

This article will not make you an expert, nor is it trying to.  Instead we want to warn you of some common mistakes.  Villa offers a Shutter Design Process to cover all your options.

Common Mistake #1

  • Using four panels when two could be used.  For those windows 58″ to 72″ the choice between two and four panels need a little consideration.  The negative of using 4 panels is that the sides of the panels, called Stiles, create a 4 inch Vertical blockage of light and view through.  This can be easily avoided by using 2 panels.  Many times composite and vinyl shutters can not be made 36 inches, so your designer will tell you that you have to go 4 panels on this window.  Well, not with  Basswood.Shutters samples
  • This is a perfect example of how great a two Panel can look, not busy like the four panel right above.  Our Basswood shutter can go up to 48 inches is width!
    Basswood shutter

    Onyx Basswood Shutter in Newport Beach

    Common Mistake #2

  • The Traditional look of shutters can be outdated.  The Standard Tilt Bar can be improved  on by the Hidden Tilt, as seen above.  Also, splitting the top and bottom louvers is a great innovation.  We call this a SPLIT HIDDEN TILT.

Shutter Design

Great feature when Privacy is needed!

Shutter Design is Villa’s specialty.  Call for your FREE In-Home Shutter Design consultation:  951-847-7708

Learn More about Shutter Materials here.


Norman Green

Norman® Green

One Planet, One Step at a Time
At Norman®, we believe that green is not a marketing slogan but is our everyday way of doing business. Everything we touch, from materials that go into making our products to the manufacturing processes involved, we have the environment and our consumers’ safety in mind.

  • No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Lead-free formulation
  • Eco-friendly materials used in Normandy® shutters & blinds and Woodlore® shutters
  • CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliance

Window Coverings

Window Coverings is a broad term to describe a great many types of products, including Blinds, Shades and Shutters, that are used to Cover your windows.   But that’s just the start of knowing enough  to choose the best products for your needs and budget.  So we want to educate you a little more about window coverings to get you started.

First ask yourself why do you feel you need to cover your windows.  Is it for privacy, block the light or heat, or purely to decorate your home’s interior.   It is likely all three reasons may apply.  But which products are the best for each motive.

Blinds are the least expensive window covering, both the Horizontal Blinds and the Vertical blinds are about $100 on average at Villa Blinds.  Larger windows are a bit more, but the average kicks in, so a house with 17 windows will probably come out to $1700 or so, including tax and installation.  Our Norman Faux wood blinds are 2 1/2 inch slats with a lot of quality and innovative features.  Blinds allow for good privacy and light control and often in stains and color choices look great.


Shades are often the best choice when trying to block heat transfer, especially the Cell or Honeycomb shades.   We carry  Norman Pure -Safe Shades  with the Cordless feature and average price is $100.

alduette_closed_4Villa Honeycomb Shade 6Villa Honeycomb Shade 3Villa Honeycomb Shade 4

Roller shades, or their sister the Solar shades are also used to block heat and decorate the interior nicely.

R1Loft_set1_C_-038 (1)Allison_BlueE0

Roman Shades are best used for decorating your windows and your interior.  They are used a lot by Interior Decorators.  Combing shades with Top Treatments are now very popular, and now you can change your terminology to call window coverings Window Treatments.

Roman with Side Panels

Roman with Side Panels

A Roman with Top Treatment

A Roman with Top Treatment


Shutters are the best look of any window covering.  They offer great blocking of heat transfer.  And are great for privacy and light control with their 3 1/2 Louvers.  Shutters are a great investment for your home because they are nailed to your home, they are usually kept in the home upon change of ownership

.imageimageimageVilla Blind and Shutter

Learn More About Designing Your Windows from Our Blog


Window and Shutter Tips

Window and shutter tips, and how to have two contractors on the same page.  Often times I’ve had clients say I’m getting new windows put in, will that be a problem with you ordering new shutters.  The answer is YES.  We need to account for the new windows depth, to make sure our shutter louvers will clear.  Also, are the Single Hung windows  going to have the tilt -in feature for cleaning?.  If so, we need the shutters to be outside mounted or have the light blocks removed.  These are just a few of the issues to look out for.

When designing a shutter, we want to match the windows as much as possible.  For example,  the panel configuration should line up with your windows.  And window casing are sometimes installed with new windows.  Bad idea for a shutter guy not to see these before he orders his shutters

What’s the solution to all of these potential issues?  Let our window replacement partners install your new windows.  We have been working with Metropolitan Home Improvements for almost twenty years.  Our shutter designers are qualified window experts and have Home Improvement Sales Licenses to sell windows for Metropolitan. Gary, the owner has provided us with window samples and price books, and often will provide you with a  Free estimate and window product presentation, and quote the projects himself.  He final measures to assure a perfect fit.  And then we know everything about your new windows to assure a perfect shutter design and install.


Metropolitan High Performance Windows

Metropolitan Windows has hundreds of Five Star Reviews on Angies List, and has a Price Match Guarantee, so you can trust the quality and prices to be great.

window and shutter tips

Together your new windows and shutters will work together like bread and butter.  Your house will stay cool in the summer, and you will save thousands of dollars on your energy bills.  MHI offers financing through the HERO Program.  Our Villa Designers are able to sign you up, and walk you through the paperwork.

Please call Villa today for a FREE IN-HOME estimate for Windows and Shutters and Window Coverings.
Or Call Metropolitan Windows  directly at 800-995-8878