Shutter Dealers

Shutter Dealers in Corona come in all shapes and  sizes,  By that I mean in a vast variety of business models and size, licenses,  the products offered and their price points, as well as  time in business.

So let this be an About Us Page, (Read More )…….with a little more narrative on the subject.

  • First we like many others are a Shop-At-Home business model where we Bring the Showroom to you.  Our van has all the Hand Samples and Color Books.  Saving our cost of a Showroom saves you money.
  • We have a State Contractors License, which is required by California State Law.  Working without one  is illegal.  Many dealers are working illegally.
  • Collecting tax is required as well.  We call these dealers without a Board of Equalization Sellers Permit Trunk Slammers!  They are here today and gone tomorrow.  Good luck getting warranty service from them.
  • Installer Certifications.  We are Certified as Master Installers from HunterDouglas and Norman Window Fashions.  It is not hard to do a great installation if you know what you’re doing.
  • Quality Products.  When we opened our doors in 2008 we offered 14 product lines.  Now after 8 years in business we know where the best Values are, not the lowest price, but the best quality mixed with low price.  That is what you want  is it not.
  • Best in Customer Service.  We answer our phone, even in the evening.  You want to talk to people, not leave messages.  We are proud of our customer satisfaction, we fix any issues that might come up.
  • Great Pricing.  Businesses needs profit to stay in business, but fair and competitive pricing is what we offer.  And no games, we show you how we get to the price by breaking everything down for you.


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