Shutters For New Homes

Shutters for New Homes.  Should I buy from the Home Builder or an Independent Window Covering Company?   Let’s discuss the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons for using Home Builder
  • The only positive thing might be you can put the cost for shutters in your mortgage.
  •  Most builders mark up add on products significantly.
  • Inferior quality is often used,  its called Builder’s Grade.
The Pros and Cons for using Window Covering Company
  • The Cons……Can’t think of anything.  Even if you want to finance it with your mortgage you can still use an Independent Window Covering Company, just get you bid before you close escrow, and add the cost to your loan amount.
  • The Pros are many.  Read More!

At Villa Blind and Shutter we get calls from new homeowners whose new house is still under construction.  We visit the new home, show our shutter or window covering products, and help you choose the best products for your needs and budgets,  It’s this diversity of products that aren’t available when you simply order shutters from the Home Builder.

We have the experience to take everything into account, consider your privacy and light control needs.  There are a great many options when choosing shutters.  Why just let the home builder make everything standard when you might want the split hidden tilt.

Some builders put it very poor quality shutters, when we consult you on shutters we show the high level of our quality samples, so you can rest assured you will receive the best shutters in the market.

Shutters for New Homes


imageimageimageShutters for New Homes

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