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Shutter Design Options

Shutter design is a process.  At Villa Blind and Shutter we call choosing from the many options a Shutter Design Process, because we take you literally through every choice available and offer suggestions for your particular Window opening.  Every house is different.

Choosing the right frame is one of your most important choices.  Today I want to explain the Frame we recommend when you have beautiful window casings on your window, and want the shutter to be inside of those beautiful casings.

The solution is a Hang Strip, as shown below.  See the view from the front photo., looks great.   No frame at all showing.  Many dealers suggest simply hinging  directly to the window jamb and utilizing a light block directly behind the panels.  That works if the window opening is perfectly square.  But using the Hang strips to hinge from offers a better solution because you can make adjustments for those out of square window openings.

imageShutter Design

These Photos are of the Norman Shutters on display at the Showroom in Santa Fe Springs.  You are invited to come to the showroom on appointment only from a Norman Certified Dealer, like Villa Blind and Shutter.

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Shutter Design

Shutter Design is a very important part of your shutter experience and overall satisfaction.  Your Designer is responsible for everything from materials, mounting options, panel configurations, color and most importantly the manufacturer of your new shutters.

We know all the shutter companies explain the basics to you.  Louver sizes and how many panels are the first decisions offered to you.  From there many designers just do the same thing over and over, without considerations that you may need to know.

This article will not make you an expert, nor is it trying to.  Instead we want to warn you of some common mistakes.  Villa offers a Shutter Design Process to cover all your options.

Common Mistake #1

  • Using four panels when two could be used.  For those windows 58″ to 72″ the choice between two and four panels need a little consideration.  The negative of using 4 panels is that the sides of the panels, called Stiles, create a 4 inch Vertical blockage of light and view through.  This can be easily avoided by using 2 panels.  Many times composite and vinyl shutters can not be made 36 inches, so your designer will tell you that you have to go 4 panels on this window.  Well, not with  Basswood.Shutters samples
  • This is a perfect example of how great a two Panel can look, not busy like the four panel right above.  Our Basswood shutter can go up to 48 inches is width!
    Basswood shutter

    Onyx Basswood Shutter in Newport Beach

    Common Mistake #2

  • The Traditional look of shutters can be outdated.  The Standard Tilt Bar can be improved  on by the Hidden Tilt, as seen above.  Also, splitting the top and bottom louvers is a great innovation.  We call this a SPLIT HIDDEN TILT.

Shutter Design

Great feature when Privacy is needed!

Shutter Design is Villa’s specialty.  Call for your FREE In-Home Shutter Design consultation:  951-847-7708

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