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Tustin Shutter Installation

Getting a Great Shutter Installation

This is a recent Tustin Shutter Installation Video, featuring the Onyx Wood Shutters.  Onyx has wood plantation shutters for every specialty window design, from arched, Eyebrow (see above picture) and Angled tops (see below pictures), as well as shutters for patio doors, room dividers and closets.

Shutter Installation  

Getting a perfect measurement and proper design is a must before any shutter installation can be successful.  At Villa, we have been certified by Hunter Douglas as Master Installers.  That Certification requires extensive training in Hunter Colorado headquarters.  Choosing the right frame is not always easy, we do not let the customers demand a frame that will not work because we are ultimately responsible.


Onyx Shutters are well built, with these many features:

Wood plantation shutterFour panel shutter with LLRR configurationArch Top wood shutterPatio Door shutterEyebrow ShutterLiberty arch shutterAngled Top shutter

Product Features

tension adjustment screw in every shutter panel ensures that, whether the shutter is brand new or decades old, it will never become too tight or too loose to operate properly. By the slight turn of a screw inside the stile, the louver tension is either increased and decreased.

Stainless steel staples are resistant to both corrosion and temperature changes.  One of the most tiresome experiences of a shutter owner is staple failure. We use extra-long stainless steel staples in the louvers and tilt-rod to ensure that they do not pull out.

Hidden, recessed magnets allow our shutter panels to close tightly while also providing a clean and streamlined appearance.

Mortise and tenon joints are designed for maximum strength, to withstand shear and racking stress and to ensure safety and reliability.  Typical shutters, like those sold at big-box home improvement retailers, are joined together by glued dowels or screw joints which eventually work themselves loose and/or fall apart.  Our shutters are built differently, using special joinery for superior strength and simplicity.

Mortised hinges are important to achieve a tight fit within your window opening. Without a mortised panel, a gap appears on the hanging side that allows light to break between the panel and selected frame.  Our hinges have at least 5 knuckle joints for better load distribution and smoother, quieter action. Pivot hinges have firmly riveted joint pins.  We select materials that are sufficiently heavy to prevent sagging and are resistant to moisture.

Multi-layer, hand-sanded polyurethane finish with high-quality stain or paint provides hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water-resistance and color retention.

For more information on Wood Shutters, see the photos below, see our many videos, and don’t forget we make house calls. See ONYX BASSWOOD SHUTTERS


Stained Wood

Angled Top Shutter


Split Hidden Tilt Bar

Shutters samples

Bi-Pass Track Shutter for Patio Doors

Villa's Stain Wood Shutter 2

Stained Wood shutter with Divider Rail