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Wood or Hybrid Shutters?

Wood or Hybrid shutters?   That is a common question asked by homeowners in the market for Plantation shutters.

So let’s analyze the pros and cons here.  Wood has been used for hundreds of years and over the years the quality developed into a very  high quality product, was well respected for it’s beauty and was the creation of fine craftsmen.  It reached a peak in costs around 1950’s and was a very expensive window covering for homeowners with discerning tastes and fat wallets.

But I digress from my goal in helping my readers decide which material to use for their home in today’s market.

Alternative materials have been developed to replace wood in many  products including windows, flooring, decks, and  fences to just name a few.    Vinyl windows have become so energy efficient that you almost do not see wood windows at all anymore.  And flooring has done the same with laminates and tile that look so much like a wood floor you can’t tell the difference.  But shutters are neither an outdoor product like windows, nor a walked on product like a floor.

Wood shutters today  are still beautiful, natural and add value to your home.  The paint finish should be able to withstand fading, chipping and pealing .  To get this type of protection the paint should  have an polyurethane finish, which is like an oil based paint, not a water based paint.

Wood Shutters


wood shutterswood shutterswood shutters

Wood is also the best choice  when you have either a 3 ft wide or 6′ wide window.  I recommend using a single panel for the 3 ft wide window , because the two panel has a vertical side of each panel  in the middle of your small window and blocks a lot of  view through.  The same for the 6′ wide window, do it with 2 panels, not 4 for the same reason.

The Hybrid shutters were developed for many reasons and have their place in today’s market as a very good alternative to wood shutters.  These hybrids are made of hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, composite materials that blend vinyl and wood, and the true hybrid shutters that are constructed with a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state – for incredible density and strength. Made from the wood of rapid-growth trees, these shutters enable tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate.

In addition, Woodlore’s UV inhibitors do not release any volatile organic compound and protects against color fading and yellowing. Our patented polypropylene coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Woodlore is the natural choice of shutter for your windows.

  • Better consistency and durability than a regular wood shutter
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles provide an intense level of durability and structural integrity
  • Stainless steel staples resist corrosion and withstand extreme heat
  • Better than vinyl and PVC shutters and can withstand even the highest desert temperatures
  • Patented polypropylene coating makes its surface extremely durable and robust




Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters or Not Wood Shutters, that is the question I get every day here at Villa Blind and Shutter.  Let’s talk about that question, all the for’s and against.  Both sides are equal in most people’s mind, so we will start by saying a great company should offer both, which we do.  In our Shutter Design process we show both panel samples, the Wood (also called the Basswood) and the Composite (also called Hybrid) so that you can see, touch and feel each.

The Onyx Basswood Plantation Shutter Vs. the Norman Woodlore Shutters.  Both are like young children to me, I love them both equally.  I can only make comments and help you determine the best material for you and your home.  Some customers have made these comments on the finish.  The Onyx with its beautiful painted finish has a high gloss look that is smooth and looks like fine furniture.  On the other side people often say the Norman Woodlore has a coating that looks less shiny, they like the dullness.

One thing is certain, you will not see the difference Online looking at Photos.  Invite a Villa Designer over for a Free IN-Home Design Process and written Estimate.  And put some coffee on, I like mine Black.

Wood Shutters

IMG_1392wood shutters

Woodlore Shutters


Schedule your In-Home Design Process and Free Estimate Today.

Norman Shutters

Norman Shutters has just won two top WCMA Awards for innovation Design for their new 180 Bi-Fold Shutter.   Until now the tracks themselves kept a panel from being able to fold off the patio door 180 degrees.  Watch the Video below to see how great this new 180 Bi-Fold Shutter operates.

Another great feature of Norman Shutters is thier very popular Engineed Wood shutter, the Woodlore.  It has a lifetime warranty against paint peeling or warping, because frankly, it isn’t painted, it has a Coating.

Villa Designers have years of experience with Design and installation of Norman products, and this year Villa will become a Certified Dealer.  We even participate in their M & I Program, where a Norman Certified Installer  will Final Measure and Install, if needed.

Learn More About the Woodlore Shutter from Norman.

Norman Shutters

Woodlore_1Norman Shutters045615-modified

Villa Blind and Shutter sells and installs all of the Norman Shutters, including:

  • Woodlore
  • Woodlore Plus
  • Normandy
  • Brightwood
  • Sussex

Learn More About Faux Wood Blinds

Norman Quality Features

With more than 30 years of manufacturing excellence, we employ the same time-honored, woodworking techniques used by artisans of exceptional home furnishings. Rest assured that all Norman shutters are made of only the finest materials and handcrafted especially for you.

Reinforced Engineered Stile
Multiple layers of wood are bonded together to bolster the stability of the core of the stile – making for a robust and hearty support system for your shutters.
Prescription Wood Conditioning
Our trademarked wood drying technique dries the wood to emulate the environmental conditions of the location where the shutter will be installed. This practice also reduces post- installation shrinking and swelling.
Mortise and Tenon Joint
Traditionally used in demanding furniture and building construction, mortise and tenon joints are designed to withstand the shear stress and racking forces applied when operating a shutter.
Patented Polypropylene Coating
Superior to traditional paints, our patented Polypropylene coating makes shutter surface extremely durable and robust, resistant to cracking or chipping over time.
InvisibleTilt– Next Generation Louver Tilting Mechanism
Function, performance, style. InvisibleTilt, a breakthrough louver tilting mechanism, is engineered to enhance your shutter ownership experience. Unobstructed view, streamlined appearance, tight and even louver closure, no protruding moving parts – with InvisibleTilt from Norman, louver tilting mechanism just evolved.
Quarter-Sawn Wood
Craftsmen have recognized that quarter-sawn wood results in a superior shutter with remarkable strength and stability.  These boards are highly prized and well worth the effort and time it takes to produce them.

To get a Free In-Home estimate of Norman’s full line-up of shutter products, as well as their Award winning blinds and shades, call Villa today at 951-847-7708.

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Tustin Shutter Installation

Getting a Great Shutter Installation

This is a recent Tustin Shutter Installation Video, featuring the Onyx Wood Shutters.  Onyx has wood plantation shutters for every specialty window design, from arched, Eyebrow (see above picture) and Angled tops (see below pictures), as well as shutters for patio doors, room dividers and closets.

Shutter Installation  

Getting a perfect measurement and proper design is a must before any shutter installation can be successful.  At Villa, we have been certified by Hunter Douglas as Master Installers.  That Certification requires extensive training in Hunter Colorado headquarters.  Choosing the right frame is not always easy, we do not let the customers demand a frame that will not work because we are ultimately responsible.


Onyx Shutters are well built, with these many features:

Wood plantation shutterFour panel shutter with LLRR configurationArch Top wood shutterPatio Door shutterEyebrow ShutterLiberty arch shutterAngled Top shutter

Product Features

tension adjustment screw in every shutter panel ensures that, whether the shutter is brand new or decades old, it will never become too tight or too loose to operate properly. By the slight turn of a screw inside the stile, the louver tension is either increased and decreased.

Stainless steel staples are resistant to both corrosion and temperature changes.  One of the most tiresome experiences of a shutter owner is staple failure. We use extra-long stainless steel staples in the louvers and tilt-rod to ensure that they do not pull out.

Hidden, recessed magnets allow our shutter panels to close tightly while also providing a clean and streamlined appearance.

Mortise and tenon joints are designed for maximum strength, to withstand shear and racking stress and to ensure safety and reliability.  Typical shutters, like those sold at big-box home improvement retailers, are joined together by glued dowels or screw joints which eventually work themselves loose and/or fall apart.  Our shutters are built differently, using special joinery for superior strength and simplicity.

Mortised hinges are important to achieve a tight fit within your window opening. Without a mortised panel, a gap appears on the hanging side that allows light to break between the panel and selected frame.  Our hinges have at least 5 knuckle joints for better load distribution and smoother, quieter action. Pivot hinges have firmly riveted joint pins.  We select materials that are sufficiently heavy to prevent sagging and are resistant to moisture.

Multi-layer, hand-sanded polyurethane finish with high-quality stain or paint provides hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water-resistance and color retention.

For more information on Wood Shutters, see the photos below, see our many videos, and don’t forget we make house calls. See ONYX BASSWOOD SHUTTERS


Stained Wood

Angled Top Shutter


Split Hidden Tilt Bar

Shutters samples

Bi-Pass Track Shutter for Patio Doors

Villa's Stain Wood Shutter 2

Stained Wood shutter with Divider Rail

Wood Shutters by O’Hair

Wood shutters by O’Hair Shutters offer the  Panorama™ series with its spaciously distributed deep-profile louvers sets the trend in wide louver shutter styling. The 5 1/4″ louvers with their generous 5″ spacing provide a stunning view, offering a view ratio of 80%. The photo on right  features the Panorama series with a great view, use of divider rail, reinforced  tilt rod, all great for large windows. 24ShuttersPainted25

These are the most beautiful shutters on the market.  Special features are spelled out on the main page, but just to name a few, the sand brushed grain is exquisite. The Panorama™ wood shutter excels in large windows and all openings in which the command of direct light is a priority.

Wood shutters


O’Hair Shutters are made in Texas.  Allow 5 weeks for delivery.  The warranty is the best in the industry, which is a true lifetime warranty that even cover repairs required if your dog destroys them.  On the O’Hair page, you can design your own shutter and view it.  You can input a size of your window, and then see it with the different louver spacing,  different panel configurations and more.  It’s very useful in our in home presentations.


Click here for more information on O’Hair Shutters
Also interested in Shades?  See this beautiful photo gallery.




Get real wood plantation shutters from Villa Blind and shutter.  Villa offers customers with exquisite taste an opportunity to get real wood shutters from America’s Best hardwood shutter company, O’Hair Shutters  Here are our ten reasons to get Real wood plantation shutters.


Our shutters are made from the finest grades of White Poplar (Cottonwood), a North American hardwood. Our lumber is harvested on family owned land, from landowners who demand sustainable forestry and responsible conservation, leaving a proud legacy for future generations.


Quality wood shutter begins with the proper drying of green lumber. We perform this processin house” using open air drying and low temperature kiln drying. This 2 – 3 month process insures stress free, stable lumber.


The natural stability of properly dried lumber is enhanced by our exclusive edge-grain,  edge-glue process.  By ripping boards into strips,  then rotating and gluing,  homogenous strength and stability (akin to a laminated beam) is achieved.  This process is key in our ability to produce the largest warranted shutter panels available.


Four critical joinery details are important in the design of a quality shutter panel. In each of these, We combine time-honored methods of construction with computer-controlled precision (+/- .005”) resulting in panels built to last for the life of your home.


Our mortise & tenon joint design allows for maximum glue surface area.  Wet-to-wet glue application plus special “draw-tight”  assembly screws result in optimal intimate contact & excellent joint strength.


Louvers pivot on tenons that are formed from the louver profile itself.  The resulting monolithic grain structure of each tenon provides the strongest pivot design in the industry.


The louver at the middle of each tilt rod receives brass bushings for preset tension.  In addition,  screws are applied to retain the stiles and to allow adjustment of tilting action.  Louvers are thus sure to hold any desired tilt position.


A common problem never seen in a shutter panel from O’Hair is detached louvers due to tilt rod staples that pulled out.  Instead,  a continuous aluminum linkage thoroughly glued into the back of the tilt rod provides extraordinary strength. The connecting louver staples made of #304   stainless are deep set for decades of trouble-free service.


The higher strength-to-weight ratio of real wood combined with our unique processes,  makes shutter panels from O’Hair the strongest shutter panels on the market today.


Regardless of which surface you choose,  the natural beauty of Real Wood comes through.

Interested in Shades Gallery?

Sandbrushed Finish

The O’Hair Sandbrushed Finish is beautiful!


SandbrushedFacebook8Inch (1)24ShuttersPainted2509ShuttersPainted07

A Sandbrushed finish is a unique feature in the shutter world.  The shifting hue and undulating pattern in the grain of a genuine hardwood shutter is a source of natural beauty. The O’Hair Sandbrushed™ finish accentuates the grain by revealing the natural contours of the wood. Unlike the rough, abrasive sandblasted approach used by others, our sandbrush™ system uses rotating fabric brushes that create a smooth, gentle relief, resembling ripples of sand on a pristine tropical beach.
The Sandbrushed™ finish is available  for all shutter styles, including center tilt panels, Horizon Tilt™, Pattern Horizontals™, Quarterburst™, and GrainSelect™. A full range of standard and custom paint and stain colors are also available.  Learn more about O’Hair Shutters


O’Hair Shutters; when you want the very best!

Ohair Shutters are made in Texas and for the first time, they are now available in the Southern California market from  Villa Blind and Shutter

Ohair Shutters

Our lumber is harvested on family-owned land, where the landowner’s livelihood is directly dependent on sustainable forestry and responsible conservation. Our advanced milling process generates a minimum of waste and our finishes have a low environmental footprint.

Not only do our shutters and venetians transform your surroundings with the beauty, elegance and richness of genuine wood, but they combine the qualities of energy savings and environmental responsibility.   In 2012 we reduced energy consumption to only 43% of the previous year.  See O’Hair Shutter’s Site

Ohair Shutters

Crafted from genuine American hardwood, O’Hair shutters and venetians are built in America by highly trained American craftsmen. These are not off-the shelf commodity products from some overseas mass production outlet. They do not spend weeks on a boat or stacked in a series of warehouses. They are individually custom designed and built to the highest standards of quality and precision to last for generations.  Learn more about O’Hair Quality

O'Hair Shutters09ShuttersPainted07Ohair shutters

Shutters in Orange County

Shutters In Orange County

Shutters from Villa Blind and Shutter.  We sell and install the Onyx stained wood shutters in Orange County. They are affordable more than you would think. Compare us to anyone, our price will beat the Box stores by 25%.

I know people usually buy white shutters because they match every interior and it is a classic Plantation Shutter look. But keep stains in mind and ask us for a Free In Home consultation and estimate, and we will bring the samples to your kitchen table for you to decide which is the best color for your interior.Orange County Shutters

Check out this beautiful Stained Wood Shutter Video of a recent installation in Orange County.