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West Covina Shutters

West Covina Shutters are the Job of the Week here at Villa, and this week we have a specialty shape window to show you.  We have two archd windows, done a little differently.  You will see on the first window we have an arched top, under 35 inches in width and so the entire panel will open to the right, and all the louvers are connected, to allow them all to function.  On the second opening we have a two panel, and we hinged these off a middle T Post, to the left and to the right.  Very effective!  Also note how gorgeous the Mahogany Stain Wood looks.

At Onyx we can make a shutter for any of the specialty windows, including Eyebrows, Arches, Rake and Half Rake, Circles and Half Circles.   See a few Photos below, and enjoy the Job of the Week Video at Ida’s house in West Covina.

West Covina Shutters

Specialty Shaped Shutters

13StainedShutters13Eyebrow Shutter

West Covina Shutters

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Shutters in Orange County

Shutters In Orange County

Shutters from Villa Blind and Shutter.  We sell and install the Onyx stained wood shutters in Orange County. They are affordable more than you would think. Compare us to anyone, our price will beat the Box stores by 25%.

I know people usually buy white shutters because they match every interior and it is a classic Plantation Shutter look. But keep stains in mind and ask us for a Free In Home consultation and estimate, and we will bring the samples to your kitchen table for you to decide which is the best color for your interior.Orange County Shutters

Check out this beautiful Stained Wood Shutter Video of a recent installation in Orange County.

Stained Wood Shutters in Anaheim

Stained Wood Shutters

Stained wood shutters are beautiful, yet we probably sell white shutters in 90% of our shutter jobs. It’s because white plantation shutters are the classic look we associate with shutters and, well, white matches every other color in your house.

With that said, nothing is more striking than rich stained wood shutters, in colors like Mahogany, Rose or Oak. You can see the natural grain of our wood shutters, and match other wood colors in your house.

So keep an open mind, and call today for a Free In Home design consultation and estimate, and we will bring all our beautiful stained wood shutter samples right to your house!stained wood shutters

Please enjoy  this video of a recent installation in Anaheim: 

 YouTube Channell Link