Sandbrushed Finish

The O’Hair Sandbrushed Finish is beautiful!


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A Sandbrushed finish is a unique feature in the shutter world.  The shifting hue and undulating pattern in the grain of a genuine hardwood shutter is a source of natural beauty. The O’Hair Sandbrushed™ finish accentuates the grain by revealing the natural contours of the wood. Unlike the rough, abrasive sandblasted approach used by others, our sandbrush™ system uses rotating fabric brushes that create a smooth, gentle relief, resembling ripples of sand on a pristine tropical beach.
The Sandbrushed™ finish is available  for all shutter styles, including center tilt panels, Horizon Tilt™, Pattern Horizontals™, Quarterburst™, and GrainSelect™. A full range of standard and custom paint and stain colors are also available.  Learn more about O’Hair Shutters


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