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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters from Villa Blind and Shutter are custom made.  Villa designers start the process by guiding you through a comprehensive overview of your many choices of frames,  panel configuration and options.  After designing the perfect shutters for your home, our designers will review all the details and quote your job, offering the best possible price based on the size of your order.  if you decide to proceed a legal contract is prepared, one which meets the California State Contractors requirements, and all the details are written out clearly.  A deposit is taken and your order will be placed after your three day right of cancellation.  Most shutters require a 5 week delivery time.  After this period you will be contacted to determine your best install time and date.

We hope this information is helpful.  Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, from the design to the final install.  Upon completion we help you inspect the job for any imperfections in the shutters or the install.  We will install a shutter with a flaw, on the rare occasion, take a picture for the factory to see, and reorder the shutter.

Plantation Shutters

IMG_1387imagePlantation ShuttersIMG_1395image13StainedShutters13

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Corona Shutter Job of the Week

Corona shutter job of the week is this Onyx Basswood shutter installation at Mark’s house in Corona.  First you can witness the frame assembly, with T-posts.  German is one of our Certified Installation people, he does a great job.

This week we want to educate you on panel configuration options.  This house has many 6 Ft. wide windows, and the windows are referred to as XOX’s, meaning they are three lites, with the sliders on the outside.  The best Shutter to match this window is a LTLRTR Panel configuration, where the T Post lines up with the Vertical line of the windows.  The advantage is all the shutter panels open and close seperately and are easy to operate this way.  The other style would have a Bi-Fold, meaning two open together to the left.

Take a look at the photos below to better understand the Panel Configuration know as a LTLRTR, and ask a Villa Designer  to give you a Free In-Home Design consultation.

Corona Shutter Job of the Week

IMG_1382IMG_1383IMG_1384IMG_1386IMG_1387IMG_1389IMG_1390IMG_1391Corona ShutterCorona Shutter

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Riverside Shutters

Riverside Shutters are this week’s Job of the Week.  This install in Riverside shows off a beautiful French Door Shutter application with a Handle Cut-out which had to be custom sized to allow for a very high lock.  Onyx shutters allow for customization, which is also an advantage of going with wood instead of Polycore.  Wood shutters look great, have a natural look , are light weight and very strong.  These shutters can be used in a single panel up to 36 Inches.

Riverside Shutters

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Riverside Shutters


Villa offers Free IN-Home Design Consultation where we help you decide on the best material and frames for you house and desires.  We provide a written estimate of the project, and leave you with a written cost breakdown.  We have been installing shutters in Riverside for twenty years and have all thee licenses and insurance to give you confidence in  choosing Villa Blind and Shutter.

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Yorba Linda Shutters

Yorba Linda shutters from Villa Blinds are 100% Basswood Shutters from Onyx Shutters.  Today we want to show off our Job of the Week Install in Yorba Linda and offer a design using a single panel and split hidden tilt.  Many products only allow for a 30 inch width, which would require 2 panels for a 3 foot wide window.  The stile running through the middle of the window will block a lot of view and look rather busy.

Look at the video below to see how great a single panel looks from the outside, as well as from your interior.  Then we used a SPLIT HIDDEN TILT, which allows tall windows the ability to control the top louvers  from the bottom louvers.  And we are showing the hidden tilt, which eliminates the standard  Tilt Bar .

Yorba Linda Shutters


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Norwalk Shutters Job of the Week

Norwalk Shutters job of the week from Villa Blind and Shutter.  Greetings and Happy New Year from Norwalk.  Every month we try to show off a recently installed shutter job.  This Januarry we installed the Norman Woodlore Shutter in Laura’s home in Norwalk.  The video shows her design choices, which were using a divider rail and invisible tilt.  You can see how nice it looks, and functional as well.

Norman utilizes an invisible tilt, not just a rear hidden tilt.  And the Woodlore Shutter can be upgraded to a Woodlore Plus to allow for a single panel width of 35 inches.split_control

Norwalk Shutters

More pictures of  Shutters with Split Hidden Tilt and Divider Rails

imagesussex_3Norwalk shuttersimage

Riverside Job of the Week Video



Get real wood plantation shutters from Villa Blind and shutter.  Villa offers customers with exquisite taste an opportunity to get real wood shutters from America’s Best hardwood shutter company, O’Hair Shutters  Here are our ten reasons to get Real wood plantation shutters.


Our shutters are made from the finest grades of White Poplar (Cottonwood), a North American hardwood. Our lumber is harvested on family owned land, from landowners who demand sustainable forestry and responsible conservation, leaving a proud legacy for future generations.


Quality wood shutter begins with the proper drying of green lumber. We perform this processin house” using open air drying and low temperature kiln drying. This 2 – 3 month process insures stress free, stable lumber.


The natural stability of properly dried lumber is enhanced by our exclusive edge-grain,  edge-glue process.  By ripping boards into strips,  then rotating and gluing,  homogenous strength and stability (akin to a laminated beam) is achieved.  This process is key in our ability to produce the largest warranted shutter panels available.


Four critical joinery details are important in the design of a quality shutter panel. In each of these, We combine time-honored methods of construction with computer-controlled precision (+/- .005”) resulting in panels built to last for the life of your home.


Our mortise & tenon joint design allows for maximum glue surface area.  Wet-to-wet glue application plus special “draw-tight”  assembly screws result in optimal intimate contact & excellent joint strength.


Louvers pivot on tenons that are formed from the louver profile itself.  The resulting monolithic grain structure of each tenon provides the strongest pivot design in the industry.


The louver at the middle of each tilt rod receives brass bushings for preset tension.  In addition,  screws are applied to retain the stiles and to allow adjustment of tilting action.  Louvers are thus sure to hold any desired tilt position.


A common problem never seen in a shutter panel from O’Hair is detached louvers due to tilt rod staples that pulled out.  Instead,  a continuous aluminum linkage thoroughly glued into the back of the tilt rod provides extraordinary strength. The connecting louver staples made of #304   stainless are deep set for decades of trouble-free service.


The higher strength-to-weight ratio of real wood combined with our unique processes,  makes shutter panels from O’Hair the strongest shutter panels on the market today.


Regardless of which surface you choose,  the natural beauty of Real Wood comes through.

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Villa’s Shutter Design Process

Villa’s Shutter Design process

The Design Process includes a presentation of Shutter panel samples where we can compare materials, louver sizes, frame and mounting choices and color selection.

We also explain and educate you on all Cost comparisons, between materials, import and American made, paints vs stains, different Vendors, and our prices compared to the Box stores and HunterDouglas.

So if you need an education on Shutter Design, give us a call and put some coffee on, we will be right over.

Below is a Basswood Shutter Video of a Job of the Week installation to further educate you on Shutter designs.

Here is a link to the Basswood Shutters page https://www.villablindandshutter.com/shutters/basswood-shutters/

design processdesign processdesign process

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Sandbrushed Finish

The O’Hair Sandbrushed Finish is beautiful!


SandbrushedFacebook8Inch (1)24ShuttersPainted2509ShuttersPainted07

A Sandbrushed finish is a unique feature in the shutter world.  The shifting hue and undulating pattern in the grain of a genuine hardwood shutter is a source of natural beauty. The O’Hair Sandbrushed™ finish accentuates the grain by revealing the natural contours of the wood. Unlike the rough, abrasive sandblasted approach used by others, our sandbrush™ system uses rotating fabric brushes that create a smooth, gentle relief, resembling ripples of sand on a pristine tropical beach.
The Sandbrushed™ finish is available  for all shutter styles, including center tilt panels, Horizon Tilt™, Pattern Horizontals™, Quarterburst™, and GrainSelect™. A full range of standard and custom paint and stain colors are also available.  Learn more about O’Hair Shutters


O’Hair Shutters; when you want the very best!

Ohair Shutters are made in Texas and for the first time, they are now available in the Southern California market from  Villa Blind and Shutter

Ohair Shutters

Our lumber is harvested on family-owned land, where the landowner’s livelihood is directly dependent on sustainable forestry and responsible conservation. Our advanced milling process generates a minimum of waste and our finishes have a low environmental footprint.

Not only do our shutters and venetians transform your surroundings with the beauty, elegance and richness of genuine wood, but they combine the qualities of energy savings and environmental responsibility.   In 2012 we reduced energy consumption to only 43% of the previous year.  See O’Hair Shutter’s Site

Ohair Shutters

Crafted from genuine American hardwood, O’Hair shutters and venetians are built in America by highly trained American craftsmen. These are not off-the shelf commodity products from some overseas mass production outlet. They do not spend weeks on a boat or stacked in a series of warehouses. They are individually custom designed and built to the highest standards of quality and precision to last for generations.  Learn more about O’Hair Quality

O'Hair Shutters09ShuttersPainted07Ohair shutters