Shutter Design Options

Shutter design is a process.  At Villa Blind and Shutter we call choosing from the many options a Shutter Design Process, because we take you literally through every choice available and offer suggestions for your particular Window opening.  Every house is different.

Choosing the right frame is one of your most important choices.  Today I want to explain the Frame we recommend when you have beautiful window casings on your window, and want the shutter to be inside of those beautiful casings.

The solution is a Hang Strip, as shown below.  See the view from the front photo., looks great.   No frame at all showing.  Many dealers suggest simply hinging  directly to the window jamb and utilizing a light block directly behind the panels.  That works if the window opening is perfectly square.  But using the Hang strips to hinge from offers a better solution because you can make adjustments for those out of square window openings.

imageShutter Design

These Photos are of the Norman Shutters on display at the Showroom in Santa Fe Springs.  You are invited to come to the showroom on appointment only from a Norman Certified Dealer, like Villa Blind and Shutter.

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2 thoughts on “Shutter Design Options

  1. I really like how these pictures show a shutter with a sleek look without any frame showing. I think this could look really good in my house because I wouldn’t want to see any mounting hardware and these look clean. It’s something to remember when looking at different shutter options because coloring and type are important but it’s also important to have some that mount nicely.

  2. Like you said, I am glad that there are so many different options for different shutters that can be used in your house. Whenever there are multiple options, it makes choosing the perfect thing for you much easier. I also like that there are different styles and colors that can be used in blinds. I like the hang strip option of blinds that you have displayed on this page.

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