Shutter Technical Information

  • Shutters Technical Information is provided here to further educate our clients on Shutter terminology, options and design choices.  But you do not need to learn this, because the Villa Designers are experts in product knowledge and will assist you in choosing the perfect  shutters for your home.

So check out the PDF File below for technical information on Villa’s Number One selling shutter from Norman Window Fashions.

The Woodlore Shutter

Shutter Technical Information

  • Features and Benefits    WL a
  • Colors and Louvers  WL b
  • Panel Configurations  WL d
  • Frame Styles  WL e
  • Divider Rails   WL h
  • Bi-fold 180    WL j
  • Special Options   1 WL k
  • Specialties  WL l

imgSafety2LWoodlore_1shutter technical information


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