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Spring Shutter Sale, Video Install of the Month

Greetings from Villa Blinds.
As part of our Spring Shutter Sale Event, we want to share one of our Job of the Month Installation Videos.

Spring Shutter Sale

Villa is offering our popular Spring Sale; A BUY 3 Shutters and GET ONE FREE
Of course we offer Free in-home Shutter Consultations and Estimates.  Next day appointments are available as well.  And if you want a quote over the phone, we can do that for you as well.

As you start to shop and learn all about shutters you will soon realize shutters are made of two or three materials, vary greatly in quality and are produced for our market both in the U.S and abroad.  These differences will produce a wide range of price quotes, which will make your decision on buying shutters a bit more difficult.

Villa Designers have the experience to recommend the right shutter and design that fits your home and your choices along the way.  We call this a shutter design process.

  • Primarily you will choose between Basswood and Hybrid materials.
  • Frames to best fit your window openings.
  • Standard or Hidden Tilt controls.
  • American or Chinese Made.
  • Whites or Stains

Spring shutter sale

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds by Villa Blinds

Great Selection by Villa Blinds

We offer In-Home Product Presentations that do not just show one Brand of Faux wood Blind like many of our competitors do.  We bring a bag full of Blinds to choose from, each with a particular niche.  Here is our list of Hand Sample from our “Blinds Bag”.

Norman Performance Faux Wood Blinds.  Read more…

These Horizontal Blinds offer innovative features like Smart Privacy Slats and Child Safety Cords.  Available in 2″ and 2 1/2″ slats, this Faux wood blind is competitively priced on average at $89 and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Horizontal blinds    

Put Norman® technology to work with Performance Faux Wood Blinds designed to be a cinch to operate and to withstand the elements, including light, heat, moisture, and salty air.

  • Hardened for toughness: slats resist denting and scratching for the long haul
  • Patented SmartPrivacy: award-winning routeless feature offers minimal light leakage, smoother operation and tighter closure.
  • Patented Insta-Lock: Locks the blind at any position and at any angle, effortlessly without frustrating tugging – even on corner windows.
  • Slats won’t shift or slide out of the blind
  • Withstands industry-leading heat deflection temperatures
  • Resists fading and yellowing
  • Genuine Norman® reengineered components that make tilting and raising/lowering a breeze
  • Patented cord release device for child and pet safety
  • All materials are lead free, V.O.C. free and without any harmful chemicals

Century Blinds    Read more…

This HunterDouglas owned company located right here in Corona offers the Soft Wood Blind in a 3 ” slat.  Great when you want to see your view.

 Our Offering 

  • traditional whites, rich stains
  • smooth and wood grain textures
  • privacy light control options
  • 2˝, 2½˝ and 3˝ slat sizes


Comfortex Window Coverings     Read more..

Their Blinds are the first to meet future cordless regulations in the Industry’s goal to be Child and Pet friendly by going cordless.  They have a lift and lock system, you simply press the bottom rail center and move the blind to your desired height.

Hardware Options & Operating Systems

You can choose from a variety of Hardware and Decorative Options, including:

  • Decorative Valance
  • Routed
  • Routeless “no-holes”
  • Valance Chip
  • Trapezoidal Bottom rail (standard)
  • Cordless Lift & Lock™ Option

Norman Premium Wood Blinds  Read more…

Want a really beautiful stained wood blind?  Norman is the largest Shutter manufacturer world wide and they make a great wood blind as well.  From their  innovative head rail that requires no valance to their rich stains and selections of colors,  Norman has the best wood blind in the industry.


Call today for a FREE IN-HOME DESIGN and FREE ESTIMATE       951-847-7708


Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters are the perfect window covering!  Let’s examine why that is true.

Best for Light Control.  Many shades offer black out option, but you need a dual shade to give you both room darkening and light filtering.  With shutters you have both because you can block out the bright morning light quite well with a shutter, yet crack the louvers a little bit, and you  have the desired light you might want.  We offer Split Controls.image

Best View Thru  With shutters when you  have the louvers  open there is  three to four  inches between them for a great view to your outside.  Most horizontal blinds are offered in 2 1/2 inch slat sizes.  (Century does offer a three inch)

Interior Window shutters offer excellent Views

Best for Temperature Control  My friend up in Sacramento complained about his ineffective dual pane window of being drafty in the winter.  We put shutters on them and they locked out the cold air around his windows.  The same is true of course for summer heat, shutters are great for blocking out the sun’s heat, especially when facing West in the afternoons here in Corona

.Interior Window Shutters

Best Energy Efficiency  Yes, shutters will cut your electricity bills every month.  Your house will stay cooler in the summer and take the strain off you Air Conditioner.

Best Investment  Shutters are attached to your house.  For that reason Realtors leave them on your windows and consider them as an added feature to the house value.  I recently was told by a client who just sold her house that the new buyers said they LOVED her shutters.  Nice to hear.

Best Interior Looks  Shutters look great, offer a timeless classical look.  Shutters are often called the ultimate window coverings


Most Custom Design Choices  Shutters from Villa Blind and Shutter are designed to your exact preferences.  Our designers explain all of your choices to help you get the right frames and panel configurations  for your windows.  See this LTLRTR design below.


Villa Blind and Shutter is your choice for great shutters!  We offer Free In-Home Estimates and Design consultation.  For further information please call today.

OFFICE  951-847-7708

Blinds Shades Shutters

Blinds, Shades or Shutters?  Is that the question you are asking yourself today?  Are you remodeling a new home purchase?  Considering your tight budget now, it might be a problem putting in the beautiful shutters you’ve always wanted. Consider doing  the house in phases or in a combination of products.  We recommend starting the shutters in the main living , family and dining area.  Blinds and cell shades are not to expensive to use for a few years and then replace them with shutters down the line.

For design ideas, look at the Window Treatments page,  Our interior decorators can be referred to you if you like, and the Villa Designers are great for helping you to decide which shades are best for your needs.

This website is designed to be helpful and educational.  See Villa  recent installation Videos page for our Jobs of the Week Videos.  We narrate the features and benefits of Blinds Shades and Shutters.

We also have a Free In- Home Design presentation called the Shutter Design Process and help you understand all of your design options including your choices of materials, frames, tilt controls.

Here are a few photos to get you started, and please visit us www.VillaBlindandShutter.com

Blinds Shades Shutters

Blind8 c5aimagez3Blinds shades shuttersimage

Please call today for your Free Estimate.

Villa office number in Corona, Ca   951-847-7708



Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and Shutters are Villa’s most popular products from a large list of window coverings and Window Treatments.  In order to serve our clients, we carry a large selection if Vendors for Blinds and Shutters alike.  Our Blinds are manufactured by Comfortex, Norman, J.C. Window Fashions, HunterDouglas, Century and Skandia.  Why do we need so many?  Because each company has a few things to offer that the others do not.  It is hard to see the feature  or benefit from a photo alone.  So let a Villa Designer come out to show you the choices, you might be impressed by our volume of choices for both blinds and shutters.  Visit our site pages for some products, but we carry a lot more to choose from.

Blinds and Shutters
Blinds and shutters

Newport Woods from Comfortex

blinds and shutters

J.C. Montana Woods

NewportWoods_3blinds and shuttersFauxWood_Premium_2in_lgimage

blinds and shutters

13StainedShutters13blinds and shutters

At Villa we have a mobile showroom, we bring the samples to your kitchen table.  Why not relax, and Shop At-Home.
Learn More About our Blinds Here
Interested in Shades?  See our Gallery.

Orange County Blinds


Orange County Blinds are practical window coverings that offer great light and privacy control.  The Horizontal Blinds are the way to go, unless the window is over 8 foot width, in that case go to the Vertical Blinds or put your horizontal on a 2 on 1 headrail.

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WOOD-003-bench WOOD-013-Over doors WOOD-078-FlatOpn Orange County Blinds

Orange County Blinds

Villa Blind and Shutter is Orange Counties number one resource for Blinds.  We carry over 7 brands of blinds including HunterDouglas, Skandia, Century, Norman, J.C Window Fashions and Alta.  What’s interesting is that each brand does something unique, and so offering  all of these gives our clients the greatest choice in the industry.

Learn More about Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds