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Riverside Shutters

Riverside Shutters are this week’s Job of the Week.  This install in Riverside shows off a beautiful French Door Shutter application with a Handle Cut-out which had to be custom sized to allow for a very high lock.  Onyx shutters allow for customization, which is also an advantage of going with wood instead of Polycore.  Wood shutters look great, have a natural look , are light weight and very strong.  These shutters can be used in a single panel up to 36 Inches.

Riverside Shutters

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Riverside Shutters


Villa offers Free IN-Home Design Consultation where we help you decide on the best material and frames for you house and desires.  We provide a written estimate of the project, and leave you with a written cost breakdown.  We have been installing shutters in Riverside for twenty years and have all thee licenses and insurance to give you confidence in  choosing Villa Blind and Shutter.

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Yorba Linda Shutters

Yorba Linda shutters from Villa Blinds are 100% Basswood Shutters from Onyx Shutters.  Today we want to show off our Job of the Week Install in Yorba Linda and offer a design using a single panel and split hidden tilt.  Many products only allow for a 30 inch width, which would require 2 panels for a 3 foot wide window.  The stile running through the middle of the window will block a lot of view and look rather busy.

Look at the video below to see how great a single panel looks from the outside, as well as from your interior.  Then we used a SPLIT HIDDEN TILT, which allows tall windows the ability to control the top louvers  from the bottom louvers.  And we are showing the hidden tilt, which eliminates the standard  Tilt Bar .

Yorba Linda Shutters


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Shutters samples

Bi-Pass Shutter Tracks

Bi-Pass Shutter Tracks are primarily used for large windows and patio Doors.  Villa offers many varieties of these track systems to accommodate any style patio door.  You can choose also a Bi- Pass or a Bi-Fold Track system that folds off the door, and now  we offer a new Bi-fold 180 by Norman which folds off the door to the wall, as seen in a video below.  We also offer a Bi-Pass Track in both a Closed and Open, the difference is the Louvers need to be in the closed position to slide to the Panels to one side, yet in the Open, they can remain louvers open.  (the projection increases to allow this clearance).

The Job of the Week video shown below shows off a recent installation of a Bi-Pass Closed Track system.  The video also discusses the difference between choosing wood or Faux Wood shutters.  When you request a Free In-Home estimate and design consultation, our Villa designer will show you samples of three material choices.

Enjoy our educational videos, and put some coffee on, we will be right over.

Bi-Pass Shutter Tracks

imageBi-pass ShutterBi-Pass Shutter


Chino Shutters

Chino Shutters from Villa are of the highest quality, are available in Wood, Vinyl or Composite materials.  At Villa we try to educate our clients on the many Design choices that are important to creating the perfect shutters for you home.  Our expertise will be offered as helpful advice, we help you decide what look you prefer.

Below is one of our Job of the week Videos of an installation back in 2011 in Chino.  e are showing it today to highlight a few points.  First is that we suggest working with your existing sill plates.  We simly order these shutters as a three sided frame.  Sometime it makes sense to remove the sill, which is option two.

Using a split tilt bar, or in this case a split hidden tilt bar is a great way to give you additional light and privacy control.  We advise this design especially on tall windows.

Also this video shows you how you can use blinds and shutters together in the same area.

Chino Shutters

Shutter Photos from Onyx Basswood Shutters

ChinoShutters samplesShutter samplesChinoChino

Learn More about Onyx here.
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Norwalk Shutters Job of the Week

Norwalk Shutters job of the week from Villa Blind and Shutter.  Greetings and Happy New Year from Norwalk.  Every month we try to show off a recently installed shutter job.  This Januarry we installed the Norman Woodlore Shutter in Laura’s home in Norwalk.  The video shows her design choices, which were using a divider rail and invisible tilt.  You can see how nice it looks, and functional as well.

Norman utilizes an invisible tilt, not just a rear hidden tilt.  And the Woodlore Shutter can be upgraded to a Woodlore Plus to allow for a single panel width of 35 inches.split_control

Norwalk Shutters

More pictures of  Shutters with Split Hidden Tilt and Divider Rails

imagesussex_3Norwalk shuttersimage

Riverside Job of the Week Video

Horizons Decorative Hardware

Horizons Decorative Hardware is a complete package offering the best hardware in the Drapery Industry.  It is also easy to order and the photo galleries make it easy to design exactly the look you are going for.  Horizons products and our Villa Designers make you a Window Treatment expert.

See Full Gallery

Design Photos

Horizons Decorative Hardware is different because:

• They are sold as complete sets including the pole, finials and brackets.

• They are custom cut to your exact size width.

1-3/8″ Fortunato Wood Pole Collection

Offered in 9 unique finial styles, our popular 1-3/8 inch diameter wood poles come complete with the pole, finials, brackets and screws. (more)

1″ Finesse Metal Rod Collection

Bold yet delicate, this select line of drapery rods and finials offers modern finishes for simple, contemporary elegance. (more)

1″ Iron Essence Rod Collection

With the enduring look of hand-forged iron, this collection’s classic style engages handsomely with a wide range of decors. (more)

2″ Nouveau Wood Pole Collection

The Nouveau Collection is Horizons Window Fashions’ exclusive line of custom designed finials. (more)

3/4″ Bellissima Metal Rod Collection

Bellissima rod sets are also custom cut to the exact size ordered and arrive in a complete set, ready to install. (more)

2″ Fortunato Wood Pole Collection

2″ Fortunato Poles are custom cut to the exact size ordered and come complete with the pole, finials, brackets and screws. (more)

Decorative Traverse Rods

Horizons Decorative Traverse Rods are heavy-duty drapery traverse rods with a decorative 2″ wood fascia (patent pending). They are custom cut to the exact ordered width and include a single or double traverse rod, genuine wood fascia, finials, brackets and screws. They are available in all the styles and colors in the 2″ Fortunato and Nouveau Collections. (more)


Horizons Decorative Hardware

Horizons decorative Hardware



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Designing Your Corona Window Coverings

Interested in new  Window Coverings for your Corona home?

Let’s start the conversation at square one.  Did you just buy this beautiful new house and have no window coverings at all?  That is pretty common, since Realtors generally remove blinds and shades because they are old or have broken parts.  You haven’t moved in yet and are painting and putting in new flooring, right?

So first problem is you are not sure where the morning sun is coming in?  Sure it is from the East, but how disturbing could it be the bedrooms?  And how are the West facing family room windows when the Corona Summer is kicking in.  A lot of heat will be on those windows.  And finally, your new floor color is still undecided ….. how can you choose a color for the blinds.

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These are the issues to start with.  And now what products are going to make my house beautiful?  You had blinds before, but they are not what you want this time.  Are you considering shutters.  How will they best be installed, and what shutter issues might come up.



Is there a formal living room you want to make spectacular?  Maybe a full window treatment with Drapery Side panels, Roman Shades and a Top Treatment.


What should you do for the Bedrooms?  Want to make it a Room Darkening Shade?  And that Patio Door?  Is there a shade for a vertical application?


Villa Blind and Shutter’s Designers have had this conversation with homeowners just like you for almost twenty years.  Let us help you to design the perfect Window Treatments.

Corona Window Treatments

Corona Window Treatments

Shutters Allow for Great Light Control

Corona Window Treatments are available from Villa Blind and Shutter.  Window Treatments by definition refer to window covering that decorate a window.  So I guess we also want to talk about Function.  Window coverings serve both purposes at the same time.  Issues with unhappy customers come from designs that only concern how great they look, how decorative they are on your windows. and forget to achieve the required function.

I made this mistake many times in designing windows.  I helped my client get the look they asked for, but found out later the East facing windows in the morning let too much light shine through.   So you need to have the talk with your designer about your goals.  Discuss the sun’s direction on the window, how much light or  heat block is needed.  How much VIEW you want to your outside.  Should you Split the Tilt Bar on your Shutter Louvers, to close the bottom set for privacy.  If they aren’t using the Bold words above, then your designer’s messing up!

Corona Window Treatments

Here at Villa Blind and Shutter we talk about the beauty of Design, use of color, shape, texture.  And we talk about Function.

Corona Shutters   image09ShuttersPainted0724ShuttersPainted25MadeInAmericaStainedShutters

Horizons Soft Treatments

Villa is proud to offer  Soft Treatments from Horizon  Window Fashions complete product line. See what they have to offer and ask for a Villa Interior Designer for a Free In-Home consultation. We will turn your window covering choices into full Window Treatments.

Horizons Products include;

Horizon Soft Treatments soft Roman Shades, Twin shades, CordlessOne Controls, Twin Shades, Motorized Soft Shades, Draperies and Side Panels.  The collection also includes Top Treatments;  Upholstered Cornices and Valances as well as Accent Pillows.  Villa Designers have expertise to advice you on what we call Friendly Coordinate Suggestions.

Roman Shades are one of the most beautiful of all the window coverings available.  The choice of styles allow you to personalize the look and feel you desire.  The fabrics are luxurious.  And the color choices are unbelievable.  Shades Styles include Classic Roman, Hobbled Shades, Knife Pleat Shade, Ribbed Pleat Shade, Relaxed Shade, London Shade.

Shades of Ellegance;   The Roller shades from Horizon are not limited to Solar screen material like most Fabricators out there today.  They are fabrics attached to vinyl backing to give a true soft treatment look and feel.  This allows them to offer 300 patterns to choose from including interesting designs, textures and patterns.  They are available in  Clutch and Spring Roller Shades:  Cassette Roller Shades, Fascia Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Twin Shades, Elance Sliding Panels, (pictured below) Motorized Shades.  The Villa Designer will show you the choices, and you can have Free fabric swatches mailed to your doorstep.

Natural Woven Shades include Classic Roman shades constructed of natural reeds, grasses and bamboo.  These shades contribute to a relaxed environment, casual and inspiring.  They are available in Twin shades, Averte Natural Fold (shown below), Casual Woven Valance, Premium Top Treatments and Angled Top Shades.  See the Photo Gallery.

Soft Treatments, Shades of Elegance roller shades


Decorative Hardware;  Fortunato Wood, Noveau Wood, Bellissima Metal, Essence Rod Collection, Finesse Rod Collection, Decorative Traverse Rods.

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Window Treatments


Window Treatments are professionally designed by utilizing color and  patterns. See photo gallery


Primary ColorsPrimary ColorsRed, yellow, & blue.

Secondary ColorsSecondary ColorsGreen, orange, & purple. These are created from the primary.

Analogous ColorsAnalogous ColorsColors that are adjacent on the color wheel.

Complimentary ColorsComplimentary ColorsColors that are opposite on the color wheel.


There are three vital parts to color: the subject, the light source, and the viewer.

  • The Subject – Different materials will absorb light in a different way. A flat, smooth surface will often times reflect an even color because the light is reflected very directly; however a rough, rounded object will reflect the light in various directions. Think fabric, textures, and sheen. For instance with sheers, when the fabric is gathered the color is more intense compared to a flat sample.
  • The Light Source – This is why exact matching fabrics is next to impossible.  It’s more practical to expect an acceptable match, one that is pleasing to the eye and depends on the end use. Two items may appear to match exactly under an incandescent lamp, but not under a fluorescent lamp. This is referred to as metamerism or a metameric pair.
  • The Viewer – You know the saying “in the eye of the beholder”? Well, color may truly be in the brain of the beholder. Color perception is determined by how we process the images we see and let’s face it, no two of us are alike.


Hue – Hue = color. From red to yellow to blue and everything in between, it’s the basic color families.


Value – from light to dark.


Saturation – also known as Chroma. When a color is referred to as “clean” it means brighter or clearer. Dirty colors tend to be more grayed out or even “muddy” looking.



Tints, Tones, and ShadesTints = Hue + white.

Tones  = Hue+ gray.

Shades = Hue + black.

More importantly than the understanding of basic color theory, is to remember that color is personal. It’s how it makes you feel. The inspiration can come from anywhere – nature or a beloved piece of artwork.

High impact hues will amp up the energy of a room. Inky, dark tones will bring it all in close, making the space feel cozy and intimate. Think about wrapping up in a blanket with a good book, on a rainy day.

What about Neutrals, right? They are often the basis for most designs, think timeless, classic, perhaps minimalist. This also makes it easy to accessorize with pops of color through pillows, top treatments or drapery panels.


Window treatment designs need to use patterns.  Patterns can really help a room from falling flat or hitting one note. If a neutral palette is your thing, great, but now try mixing more patterns in varying scales and styles. Adding in textures brings yet another layer of visual interest. When picking patterns it never hurts to pick the obvious coordinate, but mix it up by trying out unexpected combinations you may not normally think of. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Window treatment designs need shape.  Shapes are transformative. There is no better way to make a room seem as though it’s something it’s not. For instance, shaped cornices can disguise or compliment the architecture. If the room seems small, think vertical lines, as in long drapes mounted near the ceiling. This creates an elegant grander ambiance which in turn heightens the look of the room.

If you have the opposite design dilemma & the ceiling s are very tall, think horizontal lines to visually bring the ceiling down.

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